About Us

Since its founding in 1999 the Nevada Subcontractors Association has been a forceful advocate for the rights of subcontractors.

The NSA represents the tens of thousands of Nevadans employed by construction subcontractors and suppliers in the Silver State. The organization was originally created to help correct flaws in the state’s construction defect laws that forced insurance carriers to flee the state, pushed contractors out of business, destroyed jobs and drove up costs and complications for homeowners. Since its founding the work of the NSA has evolved to cover the wide range of issues and that affect subcontractors, their employees and families.

We have helped to educate and inform our members in a number of vital areas – from maintaining a safe workplace to preventing construction theft to navigating the ever-changing field of employer-provided health care and many more. All of these areas contain aspects that affect construction subcontractors and suppliers and their employees in a manner that is unlike that of any other business or industry.

about us
Members of the NSA’s supplier network provide essential products and services for subcontractors and the NSA works with these companies to secure specials and discounts available exclusively to NSA members.

We also provide our members with crucial data, information and reports regarding economic conditions and other external factors affecting the local and national economies and the construction industry, allowing members to make better-informed decisions affecting their businesses and their employees.

As the legal and regulatory environments become ever-more complex there is an even greater need for an organization that is able to approach these issues from the unique perspective of subcontractors. Subcontractors and the tens of thousands of Nevada families whose economic well-being is dependent upon them need an organization that can analyze and evaluate policies, identify their consequences, both intended and unintended, and work with members, policymakers and regulators to determine the best path forward.

Equally as important, there is the need for an organization that will be a forceful advocate for the rights of subcontractors and their voice when these policies are discussed and debated. The NSA proudly fills this role, employing our vast experience in working with legislators and building coalitions to craft solutions to problems through the legislative process.

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