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About the Nevada Subcontractors Association

Since its founding in 1999 the Nevada Subcontractors Association has been a forceful advocate for the rights of subcontractors.

The NSA represents the tens of thousands of Nevadans employed by construction subcontractors and suppliers in the Silver State. The organization was originally created to help correct flaws in the state’s construction defect laws that forced insurance carriers to flee the state, pushed contractors out of business, destroyed jobs and drove up costs and complications for homeowners. Since its founding the work of the NSA has evolved to cover the wide range of issues and that affect subcontractors, their employees and families.

Our mission is to educate, foster teamwork, and advocate for subcontractors. We aim to empower the workforce, elevate professionalism, and contribute to Nevada’s business, philanthropic, and construction community.


Southern Nevada Trades High School

The Southern Nevada Trades High School is dedicated to providing an education oriented towards providing career opportunities in construction-related professions.

Our focus is providing hands-on education taking place both in classrooms and on worksites. In this way we provide both academics and real-life experiences. Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving, teamwork and communications.


Legislative Agenda

The Nevada Subcontractors Association is an influential and politically-active entity in the Silver State.

The NSA provides a strong and effective voice on legislative issues for the hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of Nevadans employed by construction subcontractors and suppliers. As a highly-respected voice on these issues we are able to reach lawmakers across the political spectrum to inform and work with them to craft real and lasting solutions.

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