Politically Active

The Nevada Subcontractors Association is an influential and politically-active entity in the Silver State.

The NSA provides a strong and effective voice on legislative issues for the hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of Nevadans employed by construction subcontractors and suppliers. As a highly-respected voice on these issues we are able to reach lawmakers across the political spectrum to inform and work with them to craft real and lasting solutions.

The NSA is constantly researching, evaluating and informing its members about the political and economic issues that impact Nevada’s construction industry, providing its members with governmental representation, responsiveness to industry issues and relevant information about the industry and the economy. We are always vigilant to report and respond to issues and policies being addressed by local, state and federal governments.

governtment relations


Actively participating in the legislative process, we continually monitor legislation, take proactive positions on bills (both in favor and in opposition) and provide expert testimony and current information to elected officials. We also inform members of the Executive and Judicial branches regarding the impact of legislation, regulation and litigation to assist them in making better-informed decisions on issues and policies that affect the economy and our industry.

When the NSA speaks with Nevada’s elected representatives, whether local, state or federal, those lawmakers know that standing behind us are the people who build Nevada – hundreds of tax-paying businesses with tens of thousands of employees and their families, all essential contributors to Nevada’s economic vitality.

The NSA PAC works within the state electoral process to further the goals of the Association by supporting and opposing candidates seeking election to state and local office. All NSA members’ contributions are combined to jointly support candidates, ensuring a unified and powerful voice for Nevada’s construction industry.